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Looking back at our holiday season, I am so thankful for all that popped by our cute little strip of shops in our sweet town. I can’t speak for all of us shop owners  but we had a fantastic time helping those with gifts and such. Choosing, building, painting,  wrapping, chatting and laughing. What a ride it’s been, going into our 5th year and just getting better. Most of our products are locally made, we carry the works of 90 artists which is always evolving and changing. You never know what will be dropped off in a day. 

Someone asked me the other day if I was ready for Christmas, well not knowing what to say  because honestly I’ve been ready since July. I have always tried to be organized for every season or holiday. Even as I write this I’m working on next Christmas season.

  Cheers to a fabulous 2018. 

Debi xo

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I have been asked once or twice, how does this work?? Have you used this?? How do these work?? Honestly, to tell the truth, I have used them all- I’ve tried them all, I use them & if I didn’t I would not carry them in the shop. My original idea for the shop was to be able to have locally sourced products from local artisans- & items that I personally would use. Call me crazy but  it has worked so far. Everyday is like a treat, coming to work in a funky warm inviting space, you never know how the day will end, who you will meet, or what you will see… Debi xo

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