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Now this was a fun job that we were asked to do for Dr. Lambert. She came to us looking for some kind of rustic artwork for her new exam room. I came up with the animal idea, sent it off to her for approval, then off to the shop where Mr. Randy made it happen… I think they turned out fantastic.  Debi

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I was asked by someone the other day how many pieces of furniture have we built, painted and fixed over the years?? Wow that made me think about it for a few days, look over some old files.. I would have to say the answer is somewhere in the the hundreds. I am totally honored to be doing what I love. Not many can say that, I know because I have been there once. Debi xo

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We always have a ton of sawdust, or at least it seems like a lot, from all the wood making, finding a use for it besides garden topping became a goal. We came across an article in a wood magazine talking about uses for sawdust, so with a little imagination we came up with our ‘firestarter cupcake’ They work so well, you don’t need kindling or paper to start your fire, just light the cupcake paper, pile on the wood and your set. The are available at our store or at Village Food Market here in Sooke.

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