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One of my favorite pieces of furniture to do was this pirate map dresser, for some friends who wanted it done for their new baby boy. I knew the couple had traveled a lot through their whole relationship so I knew I wanted to do something fun and creative. I compiled a list of all the countries they had been to over the years, starting with the first trip on the top left drawer, and then on the bottom right where the baby was conceived. The dresser was the baby dad’s when he was a little guy. It had been stored for years but still had a great shape and very useful.

    I started the dresser by sanding down lightly, gave it a good scrub down, 2 coats of chalk white from our FAT Paint collection, sanded and distressed, then attached the maps with decoupage glue & sealed with our top coat. Once I was finished we delivered to the baby’s room with lots of time to spare so mom could fill the drawers with little things for the baby. It was a total surprise for dad, he had no idea that it was missing from the garage. So much fun to be a part of.

Debi xo

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I have been asked once or twice, how does this work?? Have you used this?? How do these work?? Honestly, to tell the truth, I have used them all- I’ve tried them all, I use them & if I didn’t I would not carry them in the shop. My original idea for the shop was to be able to have locally sourced products from local artisans- & items that I personally would use. Call me crazy but  it has worked so far. Everyday is like a treat, coming to work in a funky warm inviting space, you never know how the day will end, who you will meet, or what you will see… Debi xo

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