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For those painters out there, we now have a discount card! For all the eye rollers

in the crowd, we will keep it here on file for you. I hear you not another card…

I dislike carrying those cards too- 

Cheers Debi

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Sometimes it surprises me what folks have sitting in boxes in the basement or crawlspace… A few weeks ago a couple came to me with a box and this chandelier that had been in his family for 80 years and they didn’t know what to do with it. It took some new wiring, a little up date with some paint and here you have a beautiful new fixture. I used to be that person with stacks of boxes, not knowing what do to with the stuff. My motto now is if you aren’t going to use it everyday then what is the point of hanging on to it. Or worse maybe paying for storage somewhere. Get those gems out of storage and enjoy what-ever it is you have packed away. Debi xo


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I was asked by someone the other day how many pieces of furniture have we built, painted and fixed over the years?? Wow that made me think about it for a few days, look over some old files.. I would have to say the answer is somewhere in the the hundreds. I am totally honored to be doing what I love. Not many can say that, I know because I have been there once. Debi xo

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Shabby lil Cabinet


Yes, I paint furniture- I hear it all the time why would you paint that.. Well it’s what I do. This lil’ cutie was just finished, I kept thinking while painting where can I put this at home?? I know I can’t keep everything, so what do I get rid of. Needless to say, she’s for sale. Debi

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