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For those painters out there, we now have a discount card! For all the eye rollers

in the crowd, we will keep it here on file for you. I hear you not another card…

I dislike carrying those cards too- 

Cheers Debi

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Looking back at our holiday season, I am so thankful for all that popped by our cute little strip of shops in our sweet town. I can’t speak for all of us shop owners  but we had a fantastic time helping those with gifts and such. Choosing, building, painting,  wrapping, chatting and laughing. What a ride it’s been, going into our 5th year and just getting better. Most of our products are locally made, we carry the works of 90 artists which is always evolving and changing. You never know what will be dropped off in a day. 

Someone asked me the other day if I was ready for Christmas, well not knowing what to say  because honestly I’ve been ready since July. I have always tried to be organized for every season or holiday. Even as I write this I’m working on next Christmas season.

  Cheers to a fabulous 2018. 

Debi xo

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Oh metal tree, Oh metal tree how we do like thee- We have carried these trees since 2015 by local BC artist Jimmy B. Some have asked if I have one or many the answer is no, the reason might surprise you but I can not make up my mind. I have seen over the years hundreds of trees and can’t choose my own.

When we get our packages of trees they are not ready for sale. It is a whole process we go through here at the shop, we get the wood ready and then paint. In total each tree takes at least 3 days in the works from image to the finished process that you see in the shop. Each tree is also powder coated with an electrical charge for the finish which can be done in several different colors to match your decor. They can be used for indoors or out and won’t rust anymore. We only carry a few variations on hand, just ask if you would like something different. 

I have also shipped these trees all over, so if you had seen them on holiday but didn’t purchase and now your home & kicking yourself about it, we can ship one to you. 

Debi xo

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Just over 8 years ago when I thought my world was crumbling around me, this little furball came into my world and hasn’t left my side. She was my saving Grace- she and I have traveled, kayaked, hiked, played, and cried together in those 8 years. 

Last week I was away from her overnight, I was thinking about this past summer how she was so sick for quite awhile. She rallied through it and life goes on. I had just been thinking about all we had been through when yesterday she has to go back to the vet because she’s losing weight. We have gotten to know all the vet staff well – 

Turns out it could be diabetes! Well for starters WTF, what does this mean?? Going through all the info I need to know what could be.Thinking about what does life look like with a dog & diabetes?? Shots a few times a day, blood testing every day.Can I do this?? All night that is what was in my head, can I do this??

The rest of the night Grace slept on my lap while I worked. Every once in awhile she would look up at me as if to say “thank you” for taking her to the vet’s office like she knew it was to help her. I don’t know what will happen where this is going, but omgosh I love this girl.

Somehow we will kick some grass on this shit on move on together- 




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