We have a new artisan, Doug Fleming, who makes these very unique & fun clay masks. They will spice up any wall!

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Eye spy with my little eye, our Barking Dog Studio sticker!

How Cool – With mail out packages or every now and then

they get tucked into bags.  

Who knew that I’d spot one- 

Debi xo

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Holy Man, 1 month til we open our second location, in Sidney BC!! WTF are we thinking.. lmao. We have been offered the chance of a lifetime so jump at it- well that’s what we are doing. Crazy yes, but fun & exciting all at the same time. It’s been a mad house of building displays, color choices & designing a new space. I love that part. It’s all coming together so fast & I truly have to thank everyone that has helped so much!

Debi  xo

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Well with summer almost over, I’ve been going threw some photo’s and re-living market purchases… remembering the food truck smells! Yum, remembering the sights and sounds. Oh I do love going to the markets, it’s one of the best parts about summer. Flip-Flops & ice cream are a must when going to the markets!

To me, just seeing some of the things are the fairs and markets bring back so many childhood memories- must be why I love them. My great- grandparents had a homestead farm in Manitoba, where we spent many summers. I remember their  furnishings like it was yesterday. Canning jars in the cellar, typewriter in the study, hay filled furnishings, wow so many memories. Cheers Debi xo

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